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Website Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Google® is Warning Your Customers That Your Website is “NOT Secure”!

Google’s “Chrome 56” software update launched in January 2017 and most recently updated to “Chrome 62” in October 2017. “Chrome 62” is more aggressive and programmed to flag any and all websites as “Not Secure” if those sites do not have Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection installed.

Below are some examples of what your customer(s) might see when they visit an unsecured website(s):

secure socket layer SSL installation


secure socket layer SSL installation


secure socket layer SSL installation


secure socket layer SSL installation

And unfortunately this update is inevitably pushing many if not all potential (and possibly current) customers to competitors that do have SSL security installed on their websites, thus costing the “un-secure” businesses $1,000’s, even 10’s of $1,000’s, or possibly 100’s of $1,000’s of dollars in profits!

See what some industry experts are saying …

We understand that most business owners are just too busy to have to worry about correcting the situation themselves. And, we know they probably don’t have the tools or knowledge to implement this security upgrade either.

That’s where we can help!

We’ll take the time to talk with the business owner and gather specific information that is required to implement the SSL upgrade which usually takes anywhere from 3-5 working days (many times much sooner!).

Once the SSL upgrade is completely installed those websites will immediately be recognized by Google® and other browser applications as “Secure” and will be shown as such. Now that website owner will be the one reaping the benefits of SSL protection and garnering those customers that were scared away from their un-SSL’d competitors!

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