Not enough customers calling your business about your products and/or services?

Can customers contact you easily when they’re on their phones and ready to buy?

Qualified customer phone calls are hands down the MOST valuable lead in the marketing of your business!

If you’re not currently getting enough real-time customer phone calls, real people calling your business on a regular basis, inquiring about your products/services, it’s a safe bet you’re losing them to your competition … guaranteed!

Change this trend by implementing today’s powerful mobile marketing technologies to create an endless stream of in-bound, real-time phone calls of customers looking to buy your products/services.



The facts cannot be denied, the mobile revolution means more and more of your customers are connecting using their smartphones and it’s a safe bet you’ve got a mobile phone on yourself right now! – Is your business taking full advantage of this mobile behavior?

Now is the time to integrate the power of in-bound, real-time customer phone calls into your local marketing strategy utilizing today’s mobile smartphone technology!

Our unique pay-per-performance (PPP) marketing program, also known as pay-4-performance (P4P), will get your business phone ringing endlessly with qualified customers actively looking for your products and/or services! We do this by analyzing your local market and tapping into mobile (smartphone) users when they are actively searching for your products and/or services. Here’s how it works:


Now we know what you’re thinking, “But every call will not lead to a sale!”

While this may be true, our constant call optimization and market research has achieved conversation rates up to 70% meaning 7 out of 10 calls result in a sale or potential sale! Compare this to other forms of marketing like pay per-click (PPC), flyers, newspaper ads, radio, TV, etc. and you’ll find that nothing can beat the return on investment of pay-4-performance!┬áThe key is targeting accuracy of our marketing to qualified customers only vs. the more common blanket strategies like flyers, newspaper ads, etc. where it is very hard (many times impossible) to measure ROI.

Our service allows for the real-time tracking of phone calls ensuring you ONLY pay for calls that are routed through the PPP system into your business. You as a business owner can receive weekly or monthly reports showing the tracking of the calls, the time they were received and the phone # where those calls came from.

Also, the system will “whisper” to the person answering the phone call announcing that the call is coming through the pay-4-performance system. The person calling about your service will NOT hear the “whisper”, ONLY the business will hear the “whisper” announcement.

All this cutting-edge technology is great for generating on-going stream of inbound calls inquiring about your goods/services, but the cold hard truth is that we cannot make the sale for you. We can only promise to get your phone to ring so that your business at least has continuous opportunities to present your product/service to potential customers and close the deal. Bottom line is our job is to get your phone to ring and your job is to present and bring home the sale.

And, because we’re so confident Pay-Per-Performance works, we offer 15 FREE qualified customer phone leads initially (no credit card req’d or information to submit) to prove our service is legitimate and will help your business gain more customers and make more money! … Bottom line is P4P flat-out works!

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