Club & Coupon Marketing

Digital Birthday/VIP Club & Coupon Marketing

Is your business looking for more effective ways to increase your customer base and maintain customer awareness about your products and/or services, all while generating more revenue?

Even with today’s cutting-edge technology it’s not unusual to see local businesses large and small utilizing only older forms of marketing like newspapers, inserts, direct mail, radio, mailer packets, etc. We’ve developed new cutting edge digital marketing programs that are substantially more effective, reach specific targeted audiences and cost much less.

Now, birthday clubs, VIP (very important person) loyalty programs and coupon marketing is nothing new in the advertising/marketing industry, we’ve simply put a new spin on those programs that allows for very precise targeting of your specific customers, promotes scarcity and allows for the building of highly responsive eMail/texting list(s) that your business can then use to promote your products and/or services for virtually FREE any time you want to generate more business.

Digital Birthday Clubs, VIP rewards programs and coupon marketing are simple, easy and effective ways for businesses like yours to reach new and current customers inexpensively all while increasing revenues and profits quickly. They are proven revenue boosters that can bring more high-value customers into your business on a regular basis. Think about it, people who are are celebrating birthdays are in a splurging mood — ready to spend plenty of money to commemorate the occasion. Businesses who cater to the birthday/VIP market segment or offer coupons can increase revenues and profits virtually on demand.

Birthday Clubs, VIP programs and coupon marketing also work well for: hair & nail salons, day spas, jewelers, house cleaning services, caterers, car washes, car detailing shops, auto dealers, and any other kind of business that can offer enticing specials to bring new customers in.

If you like the idea of filling your business with more new patrons, or bringing in previous customers who’ve already spent money with you on a daily basis excites you, you should contact us today so we can determine if one of these highly effective marketing strategies is a good fit for your business. Our Digital Birthday Club, VIP loyalty program and coupon marketing platforms are simply the easiest, most cost-effective hassle-free way to increase your revenue and drive new and past customers into your business on a daily basis.

Simply complete the contact form on our home page and let’s get started building a club and/or coupon marketing program for your business today!